Holiday Dental Emergencies


Dental emergencies are never convenient but during the holiday season they are especially difficult, because families are often away from home and their usual dentist when problems occur. This blog post will detail some of the common dental emergencies around the holidays and a preventative approach you can apply to your children’s teeth.


Problem: An increase in dental plaque.

This is common during the holidays, as your kiddos are likely eating more sweets, and a difference in your usual daily schedule can lead to forgetfulness about twice daily brushing and flossing.


Solution: Do your best to limit the consumption of high sugar foods and have your children drink water after eating sweets to minimize the impact of those sugars. Set timers on your cell phone to remind you to brush & floss both you and your children’s teeth twice a day.


Problem: Dehydration leading to dry mouth increases the risk for dental decay.

High sodium intake from many traditional foods can also lead to dehydration and dry mouth, which increases the risk for dental decay.


Solution: Experts say that by the time we have a dry mouth, we’re already dehydrated, so offer fresh water to your kiddos on a regular basis, as they are unlikely to notice dry mouth as an adult would. Drinking small amounts of water and other sugar-free beverages every few hours will help to counteract dehydration caused by high-salt foods and exposure to cold weather and dry indoor heat.


Problem: Undiagnosed dental decay becomes painful while you’re away from home.

It’s not uncommon that, between your twice-yearly visits with our NYC pediatric dental office, your child(ren) develop a cavity or two that rapidly advances before we see your child at your next appointment. When you’re in town and your child experiences dental pain, it’s easy to call us and schedule an urgent visit. This becomes a challenge if you’re away from the City.


Solution: Before you leave town, check with friends and/or family members to see if they have a pediatric dentist and, if so, note that dentist’s contact info. Alternatively, check Yelp or other resource for a pediatric dentist with high approval ratings so that, at the very least, you know who to contact in case you need dental care for your child before you return to New York. You can also call our office to see if we know someone in the area of your visit that you can contact in case of an emergency.


Problem: Fractured Teeth are more common during the holidays because kids are likely to eat more hard candies and nuts.


Solution: The solution is the same as above: have a back-up dentist just in case.


The most effective way to prevent emergencies during the holidays is to keep a regular schedule with our NYC pediatric dental office. During your child’s exams, we monitor their dental health and can address any potential conditions early on, before they become emergencies.


Enjoy your December holidays!