Digital X-rays

Here at iSmile Kids, our pediatric dentist will take digital x-rays of your child’s teeth to help her view your child’s present teeth and the teeth that will erupt in the future. Digital x-rays help Dr. Dikansky to identify cavities, diagnose bone disease in the jaw, detect orthodontic problems, and to examine the teeth and surrounding bones and tissues in cases of injury or trauma. The use of digital x-rays eliminates chemicals or waste and also allows Dr. Dikansky to magnify the x-rays to better understand each child’s dental needs.

Radiation Exposure in Digital X-rays

There is very little risk of radiation exposure with digital x-rays because the process itself emits approximately 90% less radiation than traditional dental x-rays. Further, a digital x-ray machine confines the beam to a very small area. The radiation exposure in a dental x-ray poses a lower risk than undetected and, therefore, untreated dental problems. We also use lead aprons to minimize the amount of radiation exposure.

Among pediatric dentists in New York City, the combination of the latest technology and the highest standards of safety set iSmile Kids apart.