Sippy Cups

What does a pediatrician do?

The Scoop with Sippy Cups

A sippy cup is a transition between a baby bottle and a regular, open cup. Because sippy cups are so effective in preventing spills and leaks of milk, juice and other liquids, parents have a tendency to employ these cups well beyond the age of 3, when most children are developmentally capable of drinking out of an open cup or, at least, from a closed cup with a built-in straw.

iSmileKids' Tips for Sippy Cups:

  • Wash the cup thoroughly between uses to remove bacteria.
  • Serve milk or water in a sippy cup or covered cup with a straw
  • If you must serve milk, juice or sugary beverages in a sippy cup, do so only at mealtimes, when saliva production is at its peak. Give water between meals.